Budget-Friendly AMG: 1999 C43 AMG

The W202 C43 AMG: Probably one of the most popular cars we come across both amongst us and our followers. It’s no secret these cars have seen an immense boost in popularity over the last few years along with a boost in values. This trend typically means the best examples are quickly snatched up and resold for profit furthering the trend while poor examples are destined to become parts cars or donors. The enthusiast looking for an inexpensive driver is left wondering whether they stretch for the top of the market or try to save the cars close to death. In rare cases, cars like the one just listed in Dallas Texas can be the ideal solution. This 1999 C43 AMG can be found listed here on Craigslist for a very fair $6,900.

Although the odometer shows 182k on the clock, this car seems to be well cared for and nicely kept. Not many photos are included in the listing so we only have so much to draw from but we do know that Brilliant Silver shows every flaw even in darker lighting and the body/paint doesn’t invoke any immediate concerns. The owner states the car has been mechanically maintained and they’re selling because they recently lost garage space and they don’t keep the car outside. Multiple MBCA decals and an AMG lounge decal can be a decent indication of the driver's pride in the upkeep of this one.

At surface value, this seems like a decent buy for the driver in search of a cheap daily if it’s been well maintained. These engines aren’t temperamental and parts aren’t so rare that they’re doubling in price yet. If this C43 is as nice as it seems, it could be a great guilt-free driver, just remember to do some homework on the car and ask for more detailed shots.

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